2005-10-22, 8:59 p.m.,

About an hour ago I found out that one of my closest friends in all the world has been diagnosed with breast cancer.

She's 29.

She found a lump and her doctor assured her it was nothing but did a biopsy on it and found that unfortunately it was something. Stage 2 cancer, they removed the lump on friday and are checking to see if it has spread to her lymph nodes, which makes it stage 3. They are pretty confident that its not that far along, but she still needs to undergo chemo.

All her hair will be gone by the end of the month and her beautiful optimistic nature--she has assured me that she'll simply shave it off and become a lesbian so she can keep dating with a bald head. I love that girl.

She's confident there will be enough grown back to give her a cute little pixie hairdo by christmas. I'm planning on spending time with her at christmas.

I'm not really sure what to do with myself. I hate hate hate being away from home right now and at times like this.

I've no one to call or talk to. It's early early morning still in the US. My girl is on a plane flying back from China and I have to be at the airport bright eyed to pick her up...and my closest friend here in Oz is away tonight.

Everything and everyone I love seems so far away tonight. And I'm willing the time to pass so quickly so I can call my bella girl and hear her voice and know shes ok.

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