2005-10-25, 9:29 a.m.,

Things lately are all so hectic and freakishly weird. Yesterday I was walking home form work and everywhere on the street were people selling badges and ribbons and whatnot for breast cancer. Weird timing.

I got an email from a friend of mine that I used to date years ago. My only real sort of boyfriend and he was asking about my bella, wanting to know how she's doing and all and then he tells me "sorry it took awhile to get in touch with you. I just came back from my honeymoon."

Yeah. Weird. I mean I knew he was engaged and all but it's kinda weird to think of him as married.

The aria's were good. Lots of B and C grade celebrity spotting and whatnot. Was a bit of a weird mixed crowd having nixie and her brother there and people from my work and max and sam. But it wasn't as weird as I was afraid that it might be. My poor girl was so exhausted but looked as beautiful as ever and it was so hard after not seeing her for so long to keep my hands off her. With all of the company we had with us, it really wasnít appropriate but she looked so good and I just missed her so much. Now over the past two nights weíve both been so exhausted and sheís tired and jet lagged and we both really just need a good long sleep, which may not be happening with the halloween party coming up.

The date of my book launch has been tentatively set for mid February, the 12th. The book will be finished before then but itíll be too much to do a launch with all the holiday parties and everything on. It just doesnít seem real yet, but Iím sure itíll come very quickly.

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