2005-10-26, 1:42 p.m.,

The new guy I have working on the mag with me is great, up until about 2 minutes ago when I asked him to take my place and go on this free weekend at a hotel in the central coast because I’ve been booked for two of them and as much as I wouldn’t mind being in both places, ain’t gonna happen.

So I said “hey, mr. new sales guy, want to go on this media junket thing for the magazine? I have another one to go to and they put you up in a glam hotel, give you lots of freebies like spa treatments and dinner and tickets to things and all you have to do is walk around with their marketing and PR person for about 45 minutes while they show you the hotel and tell you how great it is.”

He says, “Sure Ms Editor, love to. Can I take a shag with me?”

Me: “Who?”

He: “My girlfriend”

Me: “um, yeah, partners can come.”

He just came back from a lunch meeting with the rest of the boys club sales guys. I seriously hope that was simply some sort of falter left over from his stint with the boys. How flattering to his girlfriend. Seriously, she must be charmed.

Watched the movie Birth a night ago. Very haunting and not nearly as controversial as everyone made it out to be. Controversial subject matter, but handled in a very very tactful way.

Halloween party this weekend. I’m taking Friday off to get everything together. I’ve been so busy otherwise. It’s going to be a completely different crowd than the normal sort of parties. Should be interesting anyway.

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