2005-11-01, 10:42 a.m.,

I got an invitation this morning for a private "VIP holiday cocktail party" for supporters of the Metro Theatre hosted by and with a private performance by Sarah Blasko.

Sometimes I get things like this in the mail and I read them and still think "Wow that would be so cool to go to" not completely realising that the invite is for me.

Life is sort of surreal at the moment I guess., but very good.

My book comes back from itís final edit in about two weeks. The 15th of November and then itís up to me to give it one last read over and sign it off to print. The cover art is settled and Iím pretty happy with it. And now itís been suggested that I get a photographer to do headshots if I want my picture on the cover. So I ask you dear readers....are author headshots completely and totally wanky?

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