2005-11-02, 9:57 a.m.,

This morning I'm feeling a little bit icky.

We had this Melbourne cup day event yesterday which meant a bunch of us left the office around 1, went to lunch and then went to watch the races, good news is that I won a bit of cash which is always a bit exciting because I’m not really a gambler and Melbourne Cup is the only day of the year I ever bet money on things like horses. But two nights ago (the night before the cup) I had this dream about a guy walking around the house in a light blue top with stars printed on it. I woke up thinking that it was such a pointless dream. The on my walk to work I thought to myself as I watched all the people lining up on the street to bet on their horse that maybe my dream had something to do with the race.

Walking into the office I asked the receptionist to have a look in the newspaper where they show the Jersey silks for the horse jockeys. I said, “Don’t let me see them, just tell me which one is wearing a light blue top with white stars,” She said “well, there’s one with a light blue top without any design and one with a dark blue tops with stars” So I slit my bet over both, but I should have stuck with the stars. It’s ok, I’m a bit wealthier because of t although I imagine a fair portion went to lunch and drinks yesterday. But everyone in the office mocked my choosing efforts. Little faith they have.

So we’re out at the party and after a few hours the crowd whittled down to a few of us girls, getting a bit drunk and chatting. Then there were just 3 of us, then two. The girl from work and I. You know the girl, the I can’t figure out if she’s flirting with me straight girl.

So we dropped off our third party and because she lives so close to me, decided he would drive me home as well. Only we got sidetracked and went to a bar near my house, continuing to drink and chat and it was pretty good. She’s a bit strange, offering up a lot of secret things and asking heaps of questions. She’s certainly curious and does think she could be a lesbian, but is absolutely terrified to go there.

Either way, it was a good night, literally 9 solid hours of drinking and chatting and having a good time. I think I really needed that, just escape the work stress and all. But this morning I’m feeling very tired and a bit ill. I think taking this weekend and going away with the girl will be exactly what I need. Lots of rest, relaxation and just a hap of time together without distractions.

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