2005-11-08, 2:12 p.m.,

Everything is sort of spinning, it's been so busy lately. Iíve been desperate to do basic things like get groceries for the house, but even that seems lie itís going to be a few days away.

This morning it sort of hit me that this time next week Iíll be in the great barrier reef for 4 days....hard to imagine when your stressing out under deadlines for the magazine and being confined to a small grey office that anything like a 4 day snorkelling trip in the reef is even on the horizon.

My book comes back from the editor on Monday as well which means that while on the cruise I can have some time away from the office to sit in the sunshine and do one last final edit on it before it goes off to the land of the printer. Iíve been writing the second book like crazy, almost every night religiously Iíve been working on it. This second one seems so much easier to produce than the first. Perhaps its because itís not so personal and Iím not trying to self edit so much. Who knows, But its a very good thing that Iíve been on this super creative energy kick.

A few nights ago while we were away, my girl said something that cracked me up. I just remembered it this morning and it made me laugh. She was asking me about the girl I work with (miss flirtatious) and made a joke about how if I were to crack onto her Iíd be shagging both a Muslim and a Jew. She then suggested that I travel to the middle east for my own playground. Right away this morning miss flirtatious was asking me about wether or not my girl would need a surrogate girlfriend to keep her company when I have to travel alone.

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