2005-11-12, 5:25 p.m.,

This afternoon I was nearly kidnapped by a cult. Seriously.

How this freaky shit happens to me, I'll never know but here's the abridged version.

Last July I met a woman at a trade show who with her partner runs these events, I did a story on them. The lady rings me and rings me to chat and tell me all about this community art sprogram she's involved with and nags me to no end to come to this concert with the little sister I take out. She send me tickets and I cave in today and take my little sister to this performance thing.

So we get there and they hand out these programs to everyone only after they lock you in this room for the show and its this bullshit about spiritual enlightenment through the arts and communication. I'm thinking ök, its a bit hoakie."the show starts and for the first hour its pretty cute. little kids doing dance, music, playing instruments, comedy skits...then it goes on and on and on. I'm seriously ready to kill myself by the time they get to the adults chamber music receital. My little sister is fussy and 2.5 hours have gone by so we get up and go.

During the show they kept getting up and having these little speaeches about spiritual expression and condem these people who are making "false claims" against their founder and calling them a cult. I get a bit nervous thinking "you know what..these freaky people are a bit like a cult" so I started reading the brochure. Yep. Cult. Seriously. I know propaganda when i read it and later when i get time I'll put a bit of the brochure in here.

So then i start doing a bit of googles search on them. Holy fucking freaky head cult people.....




oh i could go on, but you get the point.

Now these ladies are so thankful I did the story on their event compnay they want to take me to dinner. Seriously, how to I get out of this?

If i randomly disappear one night dear folk, please please look for me behind the steel doors of the cult house.

Can't believe they conned me into taking a little girl there. Bad enough i was there, but impressionable little brains I need to be responsible for. Not cool.

Freaks. Seriously their code of ethics is completly insane. They actually say they will not work with peole who practise satanism, witchcraft hypnotism or any other version of covert mind control.

I have no idea how these people find me.

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