2005-11-21, 11:47 a.m.,

If only I had time at work to write out everything I haven't been able to include over the last week. But Iíll do what I can and stress out next week when Iím officially on deadline.

My trip was stunning. My only major regret was that I couldnít get the girl away from work for a week to enjoy it with me. But travelling alone had its rewards. I met a heap of people and only stressed out a little when I realised that I was completely out of contact for 3 days with no mobile or internet.

The weird cult people are still ringing, desperate to take me out to lunch as a thank you for writing the article. Iíve successfully put them off for another week, but I reckon I can use the Christmas rush as a way to at least get her out of the way for another month. All I can say about this whole cult experience thing is that Iím considering myself very lucky that it wasnít mass suicide day. Good thing I didnít check in at the door get handed my cup of Kool-Aid and Nike sneakers.

There were so many Americans on my trip with their thick accents everywhere. I felt so disloyal cringing at some of their accents and travel behaviour, but seriously it really pisses me off when people travel and expect that everyplace outside where they come from (the US) is going to be or should be exactly like the place you are going to. Isnít that the point of travelling? To see and experience things that are outside your realm of familiarity. I was stuck for a breakfast with this old British lady who complained for a hour straight about how the pillows hurt her neck and the boat rocking made her ill and the air conditioning got too cold too quickly that she got cold during the night because her room was freezing in 5 minutes and she had to bring her own tea because tea in Australia wasted different. Ok she was like a million years old and probably entitled to complain a little, but seriously, if you want things the way they are at home stay home. Donít travel. I donít get it.

It was so hot there, boiling and I got a decent tan which everyone today is saying ďyou look so differentĒ Iím assuming itís because Iím not pasty. Or it could be the fucking fantastic weekend I had as my welcome back from the girl who I missed so much while I was away. All the great and beautiful things I saw I just wanted he there to experience them as well. So unfair I had to go alone. But really, it was work and free so I shouldnít complain.

Canít wait for my pictures. I took an underwater camera to photograph the fish and the reef. It was so brilliantly coloured and I really felt as though I was invading their world with their colours brighter than our swimsuits. The water barely cooled you it was so hot outside and the water so warm.

When I came home on Friday I was so happy to see her at the airport. We had so much to do this weekend and all we wanted to do was to stay home and enjoy each other, which we did get to do a lot of. Seemed like every time we tried venturing out this weekend, we couldnít keep our focus on anything other than getting back to bed. Today Iím exhausted and glowing apparently, from sun or sex, not sure which, but Iím so glad to be home. I realised while I was gone though that Iím so blessed. Event when things happen that crush me, I end up with a bigger (although slightly more protected) heart, knowing it was for my own good.

So much more to say, but I really need to get through the billion emails and all my writing before deadline on Monday.

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