2005-11-25, 11:35 a.m.,

I have a friend who does things because she convinces herself that it's better for everyone involved. She tells herself it's the right thing to do, that doing things any other way would be unfair to everyone around her.

When in fact it's simply easier for her because she's afraid to tell herself the truth. It's such a sad way to live and a certain way to keep herself lonely and dissatisfied the rest of her life.

I have another friend who started her chemotherapy a few weeks ago and has begun losing all her hair. Last night in America a few of her friends got her very drunk and shaved her head. It needed to be done and when she saw herself and cried, her friends told her that it didnít matter. That it was only hair and would grow back in no time. She was drunk and felt ugly and said that it only didnít matter because it wasnít them.

Then they did something beautiful. The three of them shaved their heads for her. When she told me this, it broke my heart because Iíd do anything to be there with her, even if it meant losing a few red locks.

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