2005-12-12, 10:33 a.m.,

I've decided when I go home I have to tell her mother that I've done the book. Years ago when I saw her last, I mentioned that I was doing it but now that’s it really going to be a physical book, the word in my childhood small town will spread fast. And she will recognise a lot of it, probably more than she’ll want to.

Ok call me jade and cold, but seriously, how many “you’re a true friend send this to 90,000 of your true friends and good luck will come your way bullshit emails do I have to get in one day?”

Come on, people I work with who barely say a word to me all day sending me “true friend” emails. Seriously, maybe it’s the holiday cheer crap, but I doubt it. I think people just like to email bullshit to make themselves feel better. This morning I got 6, yes 6 emails about “you’re my best friend so have a great Christmas and celebrate being a strong women emails all before 9:30 am. I promptly deleted all of them without opening. Bah humbug!

Ok, maybe not so bah humbug because I am very excited to go home for Christmas and play with my nephews and get my baby fix and eat REAL bagels and take my mom to lunch and spend time in the city.

This morning, I’m wondering if I can use my editorial powers for evil and not good when I ring up my airline and tell them I want to do a story about their new business class if they can bump me up. I am not above being a whore for comfort sake. Especially for a 14 hour flight. Reckon I can do it?

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