2005-12-15, 10:47 a.m.,

I leave tomorrow and I donít feel like I'm going anywhere yet.
I really donít feel like travelling but I am excited to see my family. Shame I canít just wake up and be in New York.

When did travelling become so difficult? I canít have my mobile working overseas unless I change the service on my phone and then if I want voicemail they have to set up a different system, etc etc. seriously, Iím just going to resort to using stinking pay phones or something.

Buy a phone card and hope no one needs to contact me until I get home.

Anyway, should be both an exhausting but adventurous trip on my own. I have to stop in Hong Kong both ways the first time for only about 12 hours, the second time ont he way home for 23 hours.

Farewell folks, will try my best to keep updates from the journey.

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