2005-12-16, 1:23 p.m.,

In the airport waiting to go. I'm excited, but not looking forward to the trip, I am looking forward to trravelling in the upper class suite on Virgin Atlantic. Thanks guys will be sure to say nice things about you in the mag.

Makes life on the airplane 8 hours more bearable. I'll only have to suffer through the long haul of Tokyo to NY.

A little cry at the airport and a few brittish boy onlookers having a gander and me giving my girl lots of kisses and cuddles and now its a bit lonely here at the gate.

When my grandmother died 2 years ago, my grandfather gave me one of her necklaces. I have never put it around my neck. Despite the fact that it's gold and I dont wear gold, it just didn't seem right to wear it. It was hers and I remember it hanging around her neck and I remember playing with the charm as a child but before I left something told me to go to the drawer and put it on. So I did and not that I was nervous about flying but I just feel ok about, like things will run smoothly, no missed connections or late flights, etc.

So now I have one of my girl's rings on for good luck, my friend kate gave me a shamrock good luck thingy to travel with and I have grandmoms necklace. How much security do I need. How superstitious am I?

So off I go. Up in the air Jr birdman...

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