2005-12-18, 7:12 p.m.,

Made it home.
So much snow. Far more than was here last time I was home. Unbelieveable.

My dad and my newest nephew mwt me at the gate. So cute. Was so nice to get off the plane ater how long my flight was.

When I arrived in Hong Kong my flight came in late, too late to get the boarding pass I needed to have access to the travellers lounge. So essentially I paid for a small travellers room i couldnt use. I was deleriously tired, wanted nothing more than a shower and just walked into the closest hotel and booked at room at 1:30 in the morning so i could get up for my next flight at 7 the next morning. After signing the bill for 2000 hong kong dollars, I realise I just paid about 400 aussie dollars for a 5 hour sleep and a shower. I didn't care. I reckon that $ 400 is worth the medical and legal charges I would have incurred if I had a mental breakdown in the airport which I'm certain would have occured. Nice hotel though, too bad I wasn't awake for most of it.

This morning my mother and I drove up to see my grandfather. On the way there a HUGE snow owl flew in front of the car. This is really weird for two reasons, they never come out during the day and they are pretty rare to find anyway.

The at my granfather's house he had this lamp that had the same owl painted on it. We thought it was weird until we came home and started digging through the desk looking for tape to wrap pressies and my mom found a piece of paper with notes from the psychic she goes to. It had the date Dec 19, 2005 written on it. Tomorrow.

I'm worried something will happen to him. but my mom was diagnosed with a kidney stone last week and I've been trying to take care of her.She goes to hospital tomorrow. Hope she's going to be ok.

Anyway, off with me. All the weight I lost is going to pile back on with all the cookies and fudge and yummy mom foods....but i went shopping today and bought a few new things. Cheap clothing..yay!

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