2005-12-19, 2:22 a.m.,

Only six hours later and I'm writing again. It's 2:30 in the morning and I have a wicked case of jet lag. Awake in the middle of the night and so sleepy during the day. I came online hoping to find my girl here and give her a chat seeing as how I just had the sexiest dream about her and I woke up a bit turned on and seriously wanting her.

This is bad. How am I to survive this many more nights without her little body curled up into mine? Sexy little thing.

So what's on the agenda...I've made plans to have luinch with abby's mom. Have seen her in years. Literally like 3 years when I came home for my nephews birth. I just want to tell her that the book is being published. She knows I've written it, she doesnt know it's going to be printed.
It should go well, she calming like that.

When I was on my flight from Tokyo to Detroit one of the 4 flights I took on my way here. I walked onto the fully packed out plane to discover my seat was seriously in the middle of a group of about 12 sailors who were on leave from the navy and going home for christmas. No exaggeration. 12 of them and I was pretty much smack in the middle. All american guys who had been stationed in korea and as soon as I walked up with my bag, 4 of them around my seat stood up and took my bag to put it in the overhead, one removed the air pillow and blanket from my seat so I could sit, one took my bag that was meant to go under the seat by my feat. They were all like, "oh here, let me do this, let me do that." It was so funny in a freakishly uncomfortable way. Guys make me nervous. Big guys with muscles paying a lot of attention to me, make me doubly nervous. It worked out ok. The two I sat between were both so engrossed about telling me about his girlfriend and the other his wife and two children- it was comforting.

Anyway, off I go, more travel tales later.

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