2005-12-23, 9:54 p.m.,

I haven't been able to stop thinking about her in days. All th things I want to do to her when the plane arrives, All the things I want to tell her and all the places I want to kiss her. I can't stop thinking about how her body feels and how soft she is and...oh dear it's bad....It's a complete distraction lately of which i was only able to rememedy for about 20 minutes when I went out with my sister yesterday and found th emost amazing jeans on New York style Christmas Sales that only Yankee land can have for $15 US dollars. Me and jeans just dont mesh and i now am bring home 3 pairs.

So I walked out of the stop and my thoughts were back on her....I did get her present today. I was worried it wouldn't be ready in time because I had to get it specially ordered, but today they had it ready.

I leave 4 days...if only it wouldn't take me 3 days to travel home...damn day in Hong Kong fucks up everything.

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