2005-12-31, 7:23 p.m.,

Back in Oz and it feels so good to be home, despite the drastic change in weather,I'm welcoming the summer swelter.

I have a heap to wrote about the trip, but right now I'haven't slept in two days and am heading out the door to celebrate new year with my girl.

It'll be a far, far, different scenario than last year. We have tickets to this new venue that's opened up on Oxford st that's for private party hire and it's all 1940's glam, black and white, audry hepburn/liz taylor style jazzy venue. Very classy and very retro glam as well. So some champers, canapes, music, a few live performances and my girl.. that is all I need to properly welcome myself back home.

And it's SO very good to be home.

And did I ever get a proper welcome home....but another story for another day.

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