2006-01-22, 12:31 p.m.,

Insane few days of being overwhelmingly social.

Thursday we went out to see this live music night and saw his guy who went to my girls school and is playing live gigs, pretty good show.

Friday I had after work drinks with the girls from work to cheer up a co-worker who's husband after 20 years is cheating on her. She's pretty crushed and so we all took her out for some girl cheer.

Saturday I had my little sister at the movies, had a heap of general running around to do then we had nic's cousin and her friend over for a quick drink before taking a host of girls to Gurlesque. It was interesting having a big night at a lesbian strip/freak show sort of thing when A. Two of them were completely straight and B. Two of them are very very curious and C. Two of the lesbians we had come with us were really conservative and showed up in time for the last show because they were afraid to be there when the strip shows were going on.

It was fun though, good night.

ANd tonight we're going out again to see this performer we keep missing.

Whew. I forget what quiet nights at home are like and today I'm feeling really sleepy. However, I've downloaded the first two episodes of season 3 L word and the girl and I are going to do a post big night cuddle and watch the L word. It's too hot to do anything else today but like around in our undies and watch bad lesbian acting on a pretty trashy show.

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