2006-02-16, 3:05 p.m.,

Despite my dear overseas friends valiant efforts to shit stir, I'm all too willing to let it go, let it rest, let if be clean and gone and just quiet and slip into a depp deep rest.

I'm absolutely exhausted and am not willing to fight in the name of hating something.

And I'm back to the doctor, tired and trying to get through this deadline.

If only until the weekend.

But tomorrow I see marque, who is much cheaper thaan therapy and makes me feel better than any doctor i've ever seen.

And I miss my girl's kisses today. And I'm very very excited to take her with me to the Gold Coast or my special VIP trip in 2 weeks. VIP is good, it means i dont have to do anything but just be. And that's all want right now, to just relax with her and kiss her. A lot.

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