2006-02-22, 11:01 a.m.,

Two days ago I had to team up with the sales director of my company to fire the sales guy on my magazine. Iíd never had to do it before and I really felt a little bit like shit even though I wasnít a huge fan of the guy, but hey, nobody likes losing your job.

Iím meant to go into the hospital tomorrow for another test but now with him gone I have about double the amount of work to do until we hire someone else and I had to cancel. Itís pretty crazy because for the rest of the week Iíll be doubling up and going to 2 and on one occasion 3 events in one night, spending an hour or two at each because now my two man team is a one woman team.

And Iím trying to not only do proper work, but to book our flights to Hawaii and into the US for my brotherís wedding. Eek!! So much to do.

Other than that itís the typical stuff. Soldiering on.

Oh yes, some weird Asian guy in his late 50ís early 60ís stopped me on the street today ( I assumed he was asking for directions) but no, he stopped to tell me he thought I had a nice body and he had been watching me walk all the way down the street , I said thank you and attempted to keep walking and he said ďI take you out and buy you nice things.Ē I told him ď thanks, but Iím married.Ē I donít think he believed the fib, but um..not the best way to pick up ladies mister.

Anyway, back to work.

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