2006-02-23, 10:50 a.m.,

In my double hitter evening where I had to bounce between two events and run across the city to get to them both, I think I did pretty well. Thankfully the first was was much smaller than I had anticipated and took less of my time.

But the second event I went to was the new magazine launch for the girls in Sydney who do Slit magazine. Iíve always been a pretty big supporter of what they do, all the independent art and writing and running their own magazine without any sort of restrictions. Have a peek at their website, but be warned if your in a work cubicle, you might want to wait until you get home. www.slit.cat.org.au
They launched their new issue last night at this art gallery in the city and Iím all for controversial art, Iím all for art being confronting and maybe Iím just getting to be an old grumpy conservative, but I walked in and found it less art and more shock for the sake of being shocking. I just didnít get it this time. We walked out and I asked my girl what she thought and her response was that if sheíd never really encountered that kind of art and she was a 14 year old lesbian it might have been a bit scandalous and revealing but after they do it for so long, you sort of become desensitised to it all.

I donít know, thereís only so many photographs of woman on gynecological tables, legs suspended and spread with her vag looking like sheís just birthed a watermelon and blood all over the thighs and some chick in a full S&M getup standing between her legs with bloody hands, liking them.

Art? Maybe..but a room full of it every few months and you start to ok..ok yes, itís shocking but what are you trying to say? And you realise they arenít making any statement, they are just trying to be eccentric and shocking and well...yeah, maybe Iíve outgrown it. But I donít think so. I see artwork all the time, equally as challenging that means something, that has some sort of passionate statement and this is just...well it just seems like the same thing a group of 12 year old boys do, like seeing who can fart the loudest or have the greenest snot, simply to gross each other out and be cool for being the foulest.

Disappointing event. Come on slit girls, I know you have it in you to step up your game.

The girl and I have our Queensland excursion in 2 weeks and when the pr lady rang me and asked what we wanted to do while we were there so she could arrange it for us, I told her that I wanted to get a peek inside the palazzo versace hotel just for a few images so we can do a story on it for out Glitz and Glamour issue coming up in may which is looking at all VIP luxury stuff. I think she interpreted that as me asking to stay there. Which would probably cost more than I get paid in a months to put us up for 3 nights, but she didnít seemed phased by it. Now should I ring and clarify? Iím not really the kind of person who gets all excited about spending thousands on a hotel.

Might wait and see when I get the itinerary next week.

Tonight Iím at Legs on the Wall, which is this really funky arial theatre where the acrobats and dancer perform on the walls and ceiling. Sort of like De La Guarda I imagine. Pretty excited about it as she gave me a small handful of tickets to take a few people and these sorts of things are always better with a few.

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