2006-02-27, 11:58 a.m.,

I went to adventure camp this weekend with my little sister, I do it every year and this year it kicked my ass, handed it back to me and then kicked it again. And I canít believe how sore my muscles are. Kinda felt like boot camp, really.

But then again, I really do love going. Itís two days a year when I get to do the sorts of things that are really completely out of the realm of my usual stuff. Waking up at 6 in the morning, drinking nothing but filtered rainwater for 2 days. And then thereís the canoeing, Absailing, rock climbing, archery, alpine rescue course, swimming, and this high ropes course that was essentially an obstacle course about 20 meters (60 feet) above ground. So your harnessed in and attached by these cables and doing things like tightrope walking and walking on rope ladders and climbing on cargo nets all survivor style high high above the group, praying to god you donít fall. Even if you do fall your attached so well that you really donít fall far, but then you have to hoist yourself up, and after two days of it, your arms are so bloody weak that pulling your body weight up a rope just isnít really an option.

So yeah, Iíve come home feeling tired and sore and like Iíve had the workout of my life. But itsí worth it, coming home with dirty skin and just getting a proper shower in a place that you donít have to watch out for spiders.

But Iíve been so lethargic the past few months anyway that doing this camp on top of all the medical crap has worn me exhausted. And Iím back at the doctor on Thursday despite how busy I get because this exhaustion is killing me.

And last night when I came home all I wanted to do was get a shower and relax and have a bit of rest because I had been going all week and hadnít had an ounce of weekend really with all the getting up at the crack of dawn shit and when I wanted to veg and watch tv, which I raely ever do, I was so excited to see that Criminal intent was on only to find that theyíve taken off the two main characters and replaced them with shitty ones I couldnít even watch. Now I know I havenít watch the show in awhile, but what happened to bobby Goren and Detective Eames?

And on the way to work this morning as I was crossing over the footbridge over the Parramatta river the water looked just like my coffee. Milky brown coffee with white froth on top. This has to be some sort of vile pollution yes??

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