2006-02-28, 4:52 p.m.,

What a weird afternoon I had yesterday. I left work a bit early to run an errand in the city before meeting a friend for dinner and a movie and while at the train station I saw this woman running up the platform to catch the airport train. Weird thing is that as soon as I saw her running towards the last car, her arms full of bags and phone and sunglasses and lots of other things I thought ďno way is she going to make it in timeĒ and just as the doors start to close she tried to jump on, caught her bag in the door and her leg fel down between the gap of the train and the platform, her stuff flew everywhere and she hit the pavement on her ass, hard. Everyone on the platform held their breath and a few people screamed out to the train safety guard not to let the train go because it would very easily take her leg off.

Luckily he heard seconds before the train was meant to go and they yanked her out, skirt up over her hips, blood running down her leg, hands all scraped up, her stuff scattered everywhere, her pride probably completely shattered.

We all stood in wait as the guard had to let the train go and get a hooked pole to try and retrieve her shoe, her sunglasses and her phone in between oncoming trains. Poor thing.

I had a bit of a battle over the past two days with my boss regarding the magazine. He likes to puff tt his chest when he feels like someone else is taking control away from him and in this case, the mag is mine. Mine mine mine. So we had a who has bigger balls and is less intimidated game. It ended this morning and I won. Much to everyone in the offices surprise. But I know without me he has no mag at all. Cocky yes, but its the truth. Fuck him, why should I be intimidated by an old man? All he has control over is my job and at the moment, its not enough for me to feel threatened.

I also forgot to mention in my last entry about camp that while at camp I did 2 things. I discovered that I have an amazing talent for archery. Yeah, who would have thunk it. And secondly I did something way way out of character and impressed I did. I went on this giant swing but what it is is actually more like bungee jumping in that your on a cord and in a harness and they raise you up on a rope 30 meters (90 feet) above ground with your back facing the ground so all you see is sky. You pull the rope and swing like a giant pendulum in a huge bloody rush FAST back and forth until you come to a stop. Itís like flying in a harness. And I did it, I nearly stopped breathing, but I did it. The most exhilarating and unlike me thing Iíve done in ages, but so glad I did.

And I got an invite to Darwin today for 3 days out of a mid week but I have to many things on I cant go and Iím stressing a bit to find someone who can take 3 days to be flown up and pampered. Itís a good gig, but short notice.

Any takers?

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