2006-03-03, 11:17 a.m.,

The girl that my brother is marrying has a child from a boyfriend who hasn't contacted her or the little boy in over two years. He's also stopped paying child support nearly a year ago. Last night when my brother was at my mom’s he told her he was hiring a lawyer to adopt him. This is a touchy subject for my mom you see because that’s the same thing that happened with me. My biological father disappeared and my dad adopted me when I was about 2. As far as I know, my brother doesn’t know that.

So my mom asked him what would happen if his biological father contested it and he said that his lawyer told him if it went to court he would win custody because he’s been supporting both of them longer than the real father and since the father essentially abandoned them...well, no contest. Then my brother told my mom who his lawyer was.

Abby’s dad.

Small town, I live in. My mom said to him “Shane, you know that’s your sister’s friend who died, that’s her father” and Shane, who wouldn’t really remember Abby said “oh yeah, that’s why he asked how she (meaning me) was doing.” My brother would have last saw Abby when she was 16 and he would have been 10. He’s 22 now, so doesn’t really remember her very well. But still. Small small world.

I’ve been asked to speak on a media panel at this event as an industry expert for the event industry. The media will be there, real media, not industry media. I’m a bit weird about it, but it would probably be a wise career move and I should do it for practice really. Book signings will need to be set up soon and I need to not be weird public speaking.

And I took the print to be framed yesterday. Cost me a small fortune, but I cant stop thinking about how amazing it’s going to look in the house.

Mardi Gras this weekend! Sydney’s gay and Lesbian one anyway for all you non-Aussie readers....lots to do in one weekend.

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