2006-03-05, 9:06 a.m.,

Just looking through the status tracker on my diary and it seems more people stumble across my diary when they go into a search engine looking up free porn. Why I wondered? It's because of an entry I wrote in here literally about 2 years ago talking about how I was walking my dog on a back street and found all these porno mags strewn all over the allyway. Of course now that I'm writing it again, it'll double the amount of times I come up in a search engine.

These poor people are probably pissed off at me searching for things like "horny housewives"and free porn and such and find my diary. Sorry folks.

I'm going to see the film rent tomorrow. It's finally come to Australia. Am so excited, I've been waiting so long for it.

Other than that, it's the usual...exhausting myself for things that give me little incentive or encouragement to keep doing so. It's a bit of everything really, and it all just seems so tiring.

I am looking forward to going away to queensland this friday. The break will be very welcome I think and the change of scenery will do me a bit of good.

Oh and after the mardi gras parade last night I think next year I want to rid eon the back of some big mama leather dykes motorcycle for the start with dykes on bikes. Just seems like one of those things I have to do.

We did the Bobby Goldsmith seats this year for the parade and what a HUGE difference the experience is. You get real entertainment before and after the parade, commentary on all the floats and parade participants and a clear view of the parade without straining to see over people's heads. And you get your own area for a bar and food and bathrooms. ANd the money goes to a good cause.

excellent experience.

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