2006-03-13, 12:00 p.m.,

Boot camp indeed. A luxury boot camp of sorts, but boot camp nonetheless.

Let me clear that I don't at all mean to sound ungrateful and that I realise how lucky I am to have the job that I do, but there's a word for all of this and it's called Gluttony.

But Boot Camp Gluttony, which is almost worse that your average sort of run of the mill indulgence.

We felt like we were on an episode of the Amazing Race. Seriously. Awake at 5 am to catch a plane to be picked up by our Limo driver who was ours all weekend. We grew quite fond of Ross by last night and kinda missed him this morning.

In one weekend we were shuffled about between spas, degustation and wine tasting menus, helicopter rides, swimming with sharks at sea world, yachting, inspecting event venues, high tea at the Palazzo Versace,surfer watching at the beach, the casino at Conrad Jupitors, Rainforest Tours, 4 wheel driving in sand dunes, The Outback spectacular media preview show, speed boating, a bit of shopping...have I forgotten anything??? We were fed and overfed and hosted at a heap of restaurants and at some point we just looked at each other and agreed that if anyone even suggested the thought of food, we would both toss our cookies everywhere.

We went to the airport with 2 hours until our flight trying our best to get on a earlier flight, working and kissing up tot he airline lady, but sadly media tickets because they are free get no favours with moving times. Can't complain, but all we wanted was to get home and get into bed and sleep sleep sleep.

Up early every morning and constantly being moved from one place to another in a rush to get it all in and this week I've come back exhausted and wondering how I'm meant to get through the week.

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