2006-03-20, 1:26 p.m.,

Very busy weekend. Iím still rubbing the sleepiness out of my eyes and my poor girl is about twice as exhausted as I am, but what a beautiful bridesmaid she was. Very elegant and sophisticated and sexy. And I loved the fact that only I know what a hyperactive little monkey she can be. This morning was so difficult getting out of bedwhen she smelled so good and was so warm and comfy.

Seems like this wedding thing at home is turning into the biggest family fued/jerry springer style circus and my mother actually asked me not to come. Here I was stressing about not being able to afford tickets to NY two more times this year and I write this big long stress head email to my mom about it.

Thing is...my family isnít one for putting up with tantrums or stress attacks. It serves no purpose to get stressed out and fanatical and you can sort it out much better thinking rationally. Itís just how I was brought up. No room or tolerance for tantrums or freak outs in my house. You get no sympathy from anyone. So the email I get back from my mom is ďDonít be dramatic and stress about it. Your brother will understand if you canít make, just come in October.Ē This..and I get a call from my mom today literally asking me to not come because itís a mess.

So I think my girl and I are going to do an alternative and much closer birthday trip.

The mag is on deadline and Iím starting to think this issue will never print. Seems like thereís drama with everything. Other than that, welcome back to Monday..

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