2006-03-24, 9:49 a.m.,

I had it out with my boss a few days ago. He has these moments when he feels the need to bring me in and bully me around, but he only does it when he feels like he isnít in complete control of the magazine. He knows nothing about the event industry, nothing. And He was heckling me about the magazine not generating the amount of advertising it should. So I said , ďwell, remember we donít have anyone selling it.Ē and then he started going on about how it needs to make more money and whatnot, nothing I donít already know but canít do anything about without a sales person, so I essentially got fed up, stood up and asked him if he was planing on doing anything about it there and then because he was wasting my time and I had other things to do.

I think it shocked him. But in a weird way it seems that me being a bitch to him and standing up for myself has actually earned me a bit of respect with him.

I think the trouble is that I consider the magazine to be mine and he is an investor I need to keep happy. He sees me as someone he has employed to run a magazine he purchased, but doesnít know anything about. You can see where this causes friction.

Anyway, I was put on to someone who might be really good for the role and she rang me straight away which was a good sign. Said she would send in her resume 2 days ago and I have yet to see anything of it. Meanwhile the ad director thinks that she isnít keen anymore. Iím hoping she send it through today or I think he might not give her the job only because she took too long to respond. Heís weird about these things.

Tomorrow weíre doing a picnic and a day out doing lots of fun things together for the anniversary thing. It should be nice to just get out of the house and enjoy each otherís company. Iím really looking forward to it.

Other than that, itís pretty much the usual in these parts.....

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