2006-03-29, 1:13 p.m.,

Just got my itinerary for Byron next week. Itís funny because when Nic and I were in Queensland we made fun of the chicks that got the itinerary where they had to be awake at 5 in the morning for hot air ballooning. This trip, that chick is me.

Let this be a lesson kiddies, see what happens when you poke fun? You get stuck hot air ballooning with the Editor of Madison Magazine at 5 a.m. For Non Aussies: Madison is just like Cosmo, only dumber and without the overly trashy sex articles to make it slightly worth reading for a chuckle.

Itís not a bad itinerary though, lots of Yoga and a spa treatment and kayaking and dolphin swims. Should be very Ecological and nice. Iím looking forward to it. NOT looking forward to getting up at 5 for a bloody hot air balloon though. Iím definitely not a morning person. But this one seems to have lots of free time so that should be really nice.

I took the bandage off my arm last night to let a little air get to my burn and let it rinse out in the shower and all. Let em say water does NOT feel nice on it and when I fell asleep I spent all night waking up because the blankets kept catching on it. So this morning Iíve been given this cream that had silver in it and is meant to oxidise the burn (apparently this is a good thing) and heal it faster. I put it on and it stung to high holy heaven and it was all I could do not to cry at work. Itís bandaged back up andsore again. Apparently if this stuff turns it blackish silver Iím not meant to be alarmed.

Just grossed out.

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