2006-04-06, 1:44 p.m.,

I fly out on Saturday and am gone until Wednesday on my little eco trip for the mag. Should be fun, but tiring I'm sure. I'm also tying to sort out everything for my conference in two weeks. So as it's looking, I'll be in Byron them home for about a week, off to Queensland again and I come home 2 days before my birthday in time to go to the Sydney fashion week Designers Dinner and the very next day piss off with the girl for our birthday trip.

I will be tired, but Iím looking forward to it.

The weird thing is that while Iím in Queensland Iíll be there the entire 4 days with Taraís Aussie girl. It will be strange I think, now that sheís doing the boy thing and has a hubby and is a bit weird speaking to me about Tara. But when I was at her office this week she asked me if I was going and said she was travelling alone and would be keen to have the company. Itíll be good to have a familiar face with me, but yeah...just weird how the people who itís always a bit weird to see seem to turn up the most often.

Thatís it really, Iím dying to have free time to get my book finally sorted out with the printer and give myself a swift kick in the arse to write more on the second one. perhaps being in Byron alone this time will give me a bit of extra time to do some writing. The type I want to write, not the magazine stuff.

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