2006-04-09, 8:07 p.m.,

I've bought a one hour internet card just to clear out the backlog of emails that surely have filled my inbox and I was also hoping to find the girl here online. Sadly, she's not but I'm hoping before my hour runs out I'll find her.

It's weird travelling about in Byron. I can see her riding around on her bicycle in her polka dot thrift shop skirt. Her hair short and curly and those sun streaked locks falling into her eyes. City girl that she is, this place suits her so well and I'm so excited to come back here in 3 weeks with her. On our terms, not on my work terms.

But speaking of work, it's been nice here. So exhausting. I've been awake since 4 a.m. where we all met to go hot air ballooning. Beautiful. I thought it would be windy and cold, but it was so still.

We were at the beach, did this magnificent lunch and wandered around this town where we all went into this metaphysical shop and they take photos of your aura. Weird, but the lady pulled me aside from teh group and showed me my picture first, full of white and blue and asked me if I had a strong intuition and if I had "special connections"with the spirit worls. She was a bit flaky and strange and so sincere. But insisted that I had such strong spiritual connections and told me to take courses in developing it or meditate on it more.

I thought she said similar things to everyone but they all came back with their photos and theirs were all reds and oranges and looked nothing, nothing like mine. not ever similar in the slightest.

When we left she gave me a hug, told me I was divine and beautiful and yeah, it was a bit weird and strange and freaky, but kind of conforting.

Also she looked at my picture and there are two very distinct balls of white light on either side of me. She asked me what two people have passed who were close to me, one very old, one very young. She said that I still very much talk to and stay emotionally connected to both, and both were women.

Of course I knew right away who they both were.

I'm tired and fighting to stay awake but very excited to go home tomorrow...after of course I go kayacking and swimming with the dolphins.

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