2006-04-20, 3:45 p.m.,

I've been asked to speak at this event tonight and in my head I thought it would be a small group of people and then I find out the audience is pushing a hundred.

They tell me I'm on with this Guy Max Marson who is apparently the biggest celebrity promoter in Australia. I didn't know his name a week ago and today I was at this lunch evernt and everyone was so excited that I'll be in his great presence. weird....

That and after bagging out Madison magazine a few weeks ago in my diary I get this call from a women who is the features editor at Marie Claire (same sort of Cosmo, Madison type mag) because they are looking for women to feature in a story who work in drastically different professions than they once used to. So for me I guess the interest is former funeral work now party event editor.

SO the girl rings me, we have a long chat and she asks me to send her a photo of myself and asks if I'll be available next week to speak to her again.

I'm wondering if this means I'm going to be in Marie Claire?

If I am, I will never laugh so hard in my entire life.

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