2006-04-28, 9:15 a.m.,

Crossing over the bridge into work this morning the river water was at least clear enough to see the shopping carts under the surface.

It's Sydney fashion week and there's nothing more depressing than trying to work out what the fuck you wear to these events when everyone and I donít just mean the models, look like they've just waltzed off the cover of Vogue.

Does wonders on your self esteem.

I was given about a 6 weeks supply of pills for this whole thyroid thing about 6 weeks ago. I should be finished with them and today realised I still have more than half. It's been an absolute shocker remembering to take these things and I'm probably no better off for the ones I did remember.

Meanwhile...I'm oh so exhausted. Must remember to take them more often. Must Must Must.

Oh yes and a third thing. I fucking hate the media. And I'm so proud to be part of it.

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