2006-05-02, 3:06 p.m.,

So far the 30th birthday has been pretty kind. I feel absolutely no different or older and yeah, Iím kinda not caring about the 30 thing.

My lovely one wrote me the most beautiful card, written in what I term Nickendy, which essentially means it's full of all these inside jokes and weird language that she and have pretty much invented and are probably the only two people in the world that understand. But I guess all couples have that.

Starting early Thursday morning we are road tripping our way to Byron Bay for about a week and staying in this amazingly beautiful eco resort called the Byron. I went there for work a few weeks ago and loved the place so much Iím going back on my own cash, which says a lot because I had a heap of other hotels offer to put us up, but I want to pay for this place, its totally worth it. Ok, I got a mega cheap Media rate, but still itís in the rainforest, on the beach and serene and has a day spa and this little apartments you stay in. Lots of outdoor private space, a private beach area.

I canít wait. Hope we survive the hours in the car together out and back. I reckon weíll be ok. If I donít die during my pre-arranged surfing lesson. Long story.

Tonight the girl and I have birthday plans and weíll be doing it all again for hers next week.

But right now I must get the next issue sorted out because I will be in serious freak out mode when I com back and am on deadline for the next issue.

Holiday for Gwennie and her girl....a real one where I donít have to work (well, for the most part I donít)

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