2006-05-11, 2:23 p.m.,

Back in Sydney and we're both struggling to get over how bloody cold it is here. Especially since it was so warm on our holiday that I brought clothes that I couldn't really wear.

So much to tell really and I have some fantastic picture to post as well once Iím on my laptop and can do it either tonight or tomorrow. Our resort was amazing. Iíd been before and knew what to expect but essentially it was a flat. We made a pilgrimage to Nimbin where quite coincidentally they were holding their annual Mardi Gras festival only they call it the Mardi grass festival. For those of you not familiar with the quirkiness of Nimbin, itís essentially a small sort of remote country town stuck well into the 60ís that survives strictly on their marijuana crops.

The police essentially turn a blind eye to it because it truly is a way of life there. So we made the journey to the festival and wandered around the Byron arts markets and just really enjoyed our time away. So relaxing and restful to get away from the mayhem of work and whatnot. Of course I came back to a week worth of backlogged emails and voicemails, but thatís ok.

So until I can get some fab photos up, have a browse around the townís website.
www.nrg.com.au/~ nimbin /

They are true gems of people, I tell you.

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