2006-05-18, 12:43 p.m.,

This morning the water under the footpath over the river had one of those rainbow puddles floating on top where oil or petrol had spilt into the river. I'm sure the fish (if fish can survive in there) weren't impressed.

I got this letter today from this resort in Thailand who wants me to write a story in exchange for 4 nights at the resort, meals, a daily massage, airports transfers, transport to beaches, etc....how nice it would be to just piss off and go to Thailand now. However I have a sneaking suspicion Iíll be going in October for an event anyway.

Today Iím feeling a very deep hatred for my publisher (the magazine not the book) for reasons too many to describe. He leaves tomorrow for Oslo until the 30th of May. I think it will be all I can do not to drive him tot he airport myself and push him onto that plane.

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