2006-05-24, 2:02 p.m.,

How difficult winter can be when after my day at home I was sent out in the blustery rain to go to the harbour for an event in the chilly wind and cold and drizzly rain. This morning at the painful buzz of my alarm at 6:40. I got up, dressed in the cold and dark so as not to wake her and as I leaned over to give her a kiss and say goodbye, she lifts the blanket , warm body heat flooding out and in her little sleep voice says ďcome insideĒ.

That my dear friends is cruel and unusual punishment. Having to say no to something like that.

And my second grip of the day is how come when you buy vegetarian wonton soup at the Chinese shop down the street from my work they can get away with having meat in the wontons? Thatís ok, just donít bloody well call it vegetarian. Itís like ordering ravioli at a restaurant to find out the pasta has beef inside but as long as there is no meat in the sauce, suddenly its vegetarian....???

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