2006-05-26, 12:46 p.m.,

A few months ago I was invited, along with my "little sister" that I spend time with from the Big Brothers Big Sisters program to this children’s recital or eisteddfod sort of thing and it turned out to be a cult. Remember?? There’s an entry in here about it somewhere....anyway yesterday I was meant to have lunch with these two woman who are always asking me to lunch. I’ve been pretty good at pushing them back for about 5 months now and finally I just couldn’t keep doing it. So yesterday I was meant to meet them, in public of course and because a press conference I was meant to attend cancelled out it gave me a reason to ring them and say “sorry, I have to go back tot he office” Success again at getting away.

Now first thing this morning...front page of the Sydney Morning Herald:


Yeah....enough said.

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