2006-05-29, 10:39 a.m.,

Got an email this morning from a friend of mine who's in Paris at the moment. I have to admit that on a morning like this one, Paris sounds divine. Fair enough I’ve adjusted to the climate and from my New York beginnings I wouldn’t have normally thought this morning was cold, but now that I’ve been in Aussie land for a handful of years, I have to admit I feel chilled much faster than I normally would back in the US.

But I really loved Paris, despite the fact I was there when it was mid January, freezing cold, raining and snowing together and grey grey grey. Still I loved everything about being there and would go back in a heartbeat. Event the worst parts about it (the expense and the weather and such) are still very much funny memories. It didn’t matter that it was so expensive because it makes a good story to tell about the time we bought two cups of coffee just because we were so cold and desperately needed a bathroom ended up costing us about 16 dollars. How you have to pay to use the bathrooms in café’s even when you buy things from the shop.

How after walking around all day in the rain and snow with numb feet and aching bodies we decided to watch a movie and warm up, thaw out and just have a seat for 2 hours. The only one we could find in English (subtitled in French) was ironically “Lost in Translation” and event hat movie for 2 was about 60 dollars, but so well worth it at the time.

So I suppose this morning I was thinking that if you’re going to be so bloody cold and shivering and holding a cup of coffee to keep your hands warm, might as well do it somewhere like Paris.

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