2006-06-01, 11:30 a.m.,

It's been so cold the last few days that my commute in the mornings standing on the train platforms seem like an impossible task. A few nights ago the house was so chilly, which happens I suppose when you decide to move into an old house with high ceilings and hardwood floors. So I did what my mum used to do in winter, baked. I made an apple crumble to make the house smell nice, heat the house up with the oven and of course to have warm apple cinnamon apple crumble to eat. Comfort winter food. So nice.

Monday I leave for Melbourne and I imagine itís much colder there. It would be so nice to catch up with all my Melly friends but alas, I have a tradeshow that will take up my entire day from 8 am to 6 p.m and then a cocktail party one night and a gala dinner the next night. Then I fly home late on Wednesday to be back at work just a few hours later bright and early Thursday morning. If I were smart about it, I could have came the weekend before, but just didnít work out that way. I am seeing Rachel at the cocktail function. Iíve ordered her to the party and out for post cocktail party cocktails on Monday. Havenít seen her in ages, so itíll be nice to see her again. And she lives close to my hotel that it should be no trouble getting about in the city and all.

I went last night to see the movie Candy. I had read a bit about it before going and sort of knew it was one I would want to go see alone. So I did. And how raw of a film, how truthful and scary and all too very real. It was almost a bit like having her back for the 2 hours it went and I had gooseflesh nearly the entire time. But what a film.

Iím waiting for Mr boss man to find time to chat with me today about this Melbourne thing. But heís been in Europe for 2 weeks and seems like talking to people is the last thing he wants at the moment.

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