2006-06-05, 9:28 a.m.,

It's been thunder storming for about 14 hours now and admittedly it's so nice to listen to it in bed during the night, the hard rush of the rain in the street, it's making it very cold and damp in this house.

Although it's also preparing for Melbourne. At least there won't be a shock to the weather change.

I'm a bit sad that I can't have any personal free time there to see all my Melly people. I literally get there and have 2 hours to drop my shit off at the hotel and get ready for this cocktail reception. I have agreed to cut out a bit early to meet my friend rachel at my hotel for drinks only because it's been like 2 years since I've seen her.

But both days I'll be morning until about 6 at the tradeshow and Tuesday night I have some weird Bollywood themed gala dinner and wednesday night I come home.

Not even a day to shop in Melbourne. That my friends, is a sin.

And I'll hate sleeping alone in starchy white hotel sheets in cold, rainy weather and a monster sized bed. So my plan is to drink enough wine and exhaust myself at this tradeshow enough that when I crawl into bed after a hot bath, I'll be sound asleep before my head hits the pillow.

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