2006-06-13, 10:55 a.m.,

Apparently, once you move further outside of Sydney into the west of the city you suddenly gain a day in the week called Satdee. You lose of course Saturday, but gain a day called Satdee which is intended strictly for ďwatchin footy whiff me familyĒ according to a girl who I work with who lives in this god forsaken area of the city fulltime both by birth and by choice.

Iíve cancelled out on a trip to Adelaide meant to happen in a few days because Iíve got so much on at the moment, especially now that Iím going to be looking for a new place to live. Long story. Every time I move I swear that I will not move again until I buy something and inevitably something happens and I need to move. Iím half inclined to buy a house simply to never ever have to move again, ever.

This morning I put on a pair of pants that havenít fit me in over a year and they were too big. So big I had to safety pin them at the waist to make them fit better and spent all morning on my walk to work tugging them up. Must get rid of most of the clothes in my closet and buy new ones. Which should be a good thing, and it is really. Iím happy to go down 2 sizes, but pretty stinking expensive as well.

And at some point I must book tickets back home to yankee land within the next few weeks. Will be so nice to see my bella girl for her birthday after the shocker of a year sheís had. I spoke to her just a bit ago after leaving her cheeky messages last week trying to get in touch and she said to me ďI love that your the only person who rings and never mentions me being sick, you never call and say ď I was just ringing to see how your feeling.Ē Maybe itís because I was too far away when she was really ill and still havenít seen her sick up close that sometimes itís just not real to me. Particularly when she is so upbeat and positive on the phone and is declaring that after losing all her hair and growing back a hot little pixie cut, she will never ever have long hair again. I adore that girl. Canít wait to see her.

Still waiting and checking the post every day for my proof of my book to arrive. Canít wait to see it.

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