2006-06-23, 4:08 p.m.,

I have an ex who has become a police officer and on some level that's kinda weird. But then again, I also have an ex whoís dead and another whoís a yoga instructor, and and the list and spectrum of where people end up is kinda weird.

I donít know where my mind is today but Iím a bit stressed, had to have a very lengthy chat and reprimand someone whom I technically manage but is about 15 years my senior. She doesnít respond well to this and I certainly donít enjoy the situation. But all day Iíve just have this pit of dread sitting in my stomach somewhere between a panic attack and vomiting and I canít make it go away no matter what I do.

And I had this event I was meant to go to but Iím not going now (long story not worth telling) so Iím being pulled out to a night of dinner and drinks with work folks and industry folks combined. Looks like itís going to be a very late one. Either way Iíve got my little sister tomorrow and dinner on Saturday with the girl. Very full weekend. Seems like itís been ages since Iíve had an evening to spend in my house and just chill out and whatnot.

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