2006-06-29, 3:42 p.m.,

Every time my publisher has a long lunch and gets drunk, he comes back to a long line of people at his door waiting to ask for things. Seriously, people hold out and make a list for when he's absolutely trollied to get what they want.

Today is the first long lunch he's taken in months and he's due back anytime now, and already the office is buzzing about who's going to hit him up for what. There's a trick though. You ask and then send him an email thanking him for saying yes to whatever it was so that in a few weeks when he's forgotten and insists you never asked, you have it in writing.

Today I'm aiming to get the official ok to go to Thailand for a week on a paid media trip.

However I may need to take a number behind the other 5 people waiting to hit him up for things as well.

Will let you know how it goes.

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