2006-07-07, 11:26 a.m.,

All of my hope for last night's event being fun fell a little short when we walked in and saw the crowd was so not my crowd by any stretch of the imagination. Wanker city and F grade celebrities like the big guy from Australian idol who keep bursting into tears about wanting his father to be proud of him and a few girls who were in the runners up for the stupid Australian Princess show. Yeah, lame. But I had a small group of friends there and we were photographed a few times for the Sydney party mag and 9 to 5 mag and I知 sort of dreading that if any of those pics end up anywhere people are going to think that I am actually one of these wankers at this party and not media there because I had to write a story about it.

So we all stood back and people watched and that was entertaining enough. And it was for a good cause, money going to breast cancer research.

I found an apartment I really like and I知 doing everything in my power to make sure I get it, including getting the real estate to fax the forms early so I can walk in with them filled out and ready to go. Hoping that I beat anyone else who痴 caught up filling them out on site.

Lots on for the weekend despite how much I was hoping to rest, it looks like I値l be doing a lot of work work and looking at places and trying to coordinate my launch with a girl who痴 really keen to take it off my hands, which I知 all too willing to let her do at the moment. And my grandfather is definitely not doing well in Yankee land. I知 desperately hoping that he値l be there when I go home in a month but at this stage it痴 not looking promising.

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