2006-07-12, 11:41 a.m.,

I am under quarantine.

That's right folks, I Have a viral flu and i am being locked up in my house and forbidden to go to work until next monday. Which is a huge pain in the ass really because I have so much work to do that I'll be seriously struggling.

So at the moment I'm tryig to write stories from home, trying not to feel like my body is being crushed under an 18 wheeler truck.

My lovely little one is bring me soup despite me telling her I am contagious and she shouldn't. Can't blame her really, we're just alike and if it were her sick, I would do the same thing. And she took care of me all last night when I was running a shocking fever, having obscene nightsweats, shivering uncontrollably and just feeling like general shit. So chances are if she's going to get sick, it's done already. I'll just have to look out for her and make sure she stays healthy enough not to get it.

I would not wish this on anyone. Everything aches, my hair hurts. I can't breathe very well and I'm so so feverish and I seriously want to die.

No seriously, I do.

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