2006-07-21, 1:52 p.m.,

Tradeshow season for my industry is over--hurrah. In the past two weeks I have literally been working 12-15 hours days and staying on my feet every night. And after the RSVP party after dark (which is the biggest event for the events industry) I was feeling pretty worse for wear.

However I did learn a few valuable things that make me feel a whole lot better about spending so much time working.

Firstly, There are a group of girls in the industry, who because we all work all the time have become sort of a family of orphans and we joke around about it, spending all our time working together and when we had this event and for once got to actually play together and enjoy ourselves, they are a brilliant group of girls. So much fun and sincerely interesting and interested in what people are doing. Itís so hard when youíre surrounded all the time by PR people whose job it is to suck up to you, you never really know how sincere they are, but these girls were so much fun (not in PR though) and Iím really looking forward to spending more time with them.

And secondly, bisexual girls do my head in. I donít get them really. I mean ok I can understand the straight girl thing, whatever. But bi girls full on flirting and then saying ďhey do you reckon that guy is cute?Ē What the fuck? Seriously.....no offence to the bi community, my brain just doesnít work that way. It baffles me.

And tonight I have an event at the Four Seasons which should be yet another big one for the event industry. Am really looking forward to it, but I know tomorrow I might be hurting a bit.

Moving next weekend. Starting to get really excited about it. Although I really am going to miss the house Iím in. I really loved living there.

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