2006-07-24, 11:57 a.m.,

Just thinking my diary entry yesterday cold be perceived to be a bit depressing and aggressive, but yeah. I'm just really overwhelmed and over a whole lot of everything.

And today I find myself in the really awkward position after this weekend of big event industry events of having to contact someone from the weekend because weíre doing a story on their boss and I have to keep myself from launching into a whole ď I was completely and totally obsessed with you when you were on big brother about 3 years ago.

Doesnít make for very professional conduct. What a weird twist of fate to have to write a story on some entertainment company not realising who they represent until you encounter (so to speak) them and spend all evening partying with them and in your intoxication desperately trying not to tell them how you absolutely single white female you nearly were when they were a C grade reality TV celebrity.

Particularly when they donít bring it up and you have to be classy enough not to mention it. And of course you donít want anyone at all to know how you were once smitten by a big brother housemate. Itís kinda tragic.

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