2006-07-25, 1:56 p.m.,

The house is absolutely full of cardboard boxes and where just yesterday I was once dreading this move thing, today I can’t wait to get this stuff out of the house because I can’t trip over it anymore.

However, I was given a good bit of advice yesterday which was that if you got a copy of the gay newspaper in Sydney and rang up the removalists that advertise in there, they are usually less expensive and don’t rock up at your house at 6:30 in the morning ready to go. So I did just that and got a team to come Sunday morning at 11 and they were $20 less per hour. Very happy about that.

So what do you think it is about the Chinese that makes them obsessed with Disney characters? There’s a woman who gets on my train most every morning who always wears this puffy black silk jacket with nothing but Mickey Mouse’s face and the words happy and lucky written all over it. Also the woman who works in the takeaway shop downstairs this morning had a sweatshirt on and on the back was this picture of Donald Duck and written next to him it said: “Donald Duck is the most versatile of the Disney characters. He is Beautiful, Sophisticated and has an Ego.”


The must seriously be something lost in translation here.

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