2006-07-30, 9:11 p.m.,

Mixed emotions tonight. I'm finally in the new house, move is for the most part over. But I spent the entire weekend cleaning and packing and feeling very very overwhlemed. Was really good to go out last night and have some drinks and just relax for a few hours.

Today I haven't stopped all day,moving furniture, unpacking, the mover had a big ordeal getting the sofa in which resulted in me swapping sofas and will have to sort it out later. Now my house is only partially in boxes and tomorrow I have to look forward to cleaning up the old house propery. Scrubbing carpets, vaccumming floors.

I'm tired and on deadline with the mag and I go overseas in about 10 days and today I for a little whol ecatered to the thought of going and not coming back. Felt like a good idea for about an hour.

Now my whole body aches and I have so much left to do in terms of storage and working out everything before I go. Had a good cry and I think all I can do is take it a day at a time.

I have been pleasantly surprised though at how the friends and just newly gained friemds can be an absolute godsend and the people you want so badly to rely on sort of make you feel like another item on their list of "to do's"

I am hell bent on celebrating and having a big nigh on friday. I bloody well deserve it.

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