2006-08-01, 11:10 a.m.,

So lets see, both tradeshows are over, the move is for the most part over and in the next 9 days I have to sort out my trip home, book ,my accommodation in Chicago, helping my mum organise my sisterís wedding reception from overseas because sheís spending nearly every waking moment at my grandfatherís bedside praying heís around for the wedding, trying to coordinate a book launch, publish a monthly magazine on deadline, unpack, and now sort out what to do with a sofa that wonít fit into my place.

And deal with all the pissing Iím pissing off because I canít have all of it done yesterday. Which if possible I would love to have had it all done yesterday but until that third arm grows or I invent a 30 hour day, it doesnít look likely. As it is already my holiday home will not be a holiday by any stretch of the imagination. Iíll be working straight through it. I am going to get to go to Kateís 30th which Iím really looking forward to and also Iíve randomly been asked to meet up with someone who Iím really looking forward to seeing but I know when I left her to come to Australia it wasnít really on the best terms and itís taken her years, literally 6 years to start contacting me again. But itíll be nice to spend a bit of time with her. I feel really bad about how things were left when I came here because it was a relationship I knew I couldnít really be in properly and never really gave it a proper shot when I knew Iíd be moving to Australia.

Itíll be nice getting on that plane, event though Iíll be mag writing and coordinating the launch and such from home to sort of disappear from the Sydney world for a little while and have my family around.

Iíll tell you dear readers, appreciate your family. Even if you want to kill them most days, thereís absolutely nothing like moving to a different country and not having them around or even in the same time zone to call and just chat when your stressed or to get them to help you out with things.

Anyway, thatís my whinge. Off I go to get this issue to the printer.

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